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A glistening sea outside our window is definitely a fantasy. If you want this to be your view every day, welcome aboard to invest in the best water-facing properties!
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Beachfront & Waterfront

Private Beach Access

All our real estate properties are water-edged, where you can have an uninterrupted and private getaway to your beach at any time!

Uninterrupted Sea Views

We offer spacious properties at the best affordable prices that can bag you the chance to enjoy swirling sea waves all around the clock!

Paradisal Surroundings

Your property and villa will be no less than a five-star hotel with mesmerizing surroundings cradled in the natural harbor.

About Us

We are one of the renowned and proficient real estate managers out here working on the best touristy houses and property grounds.

Integrity, Expertise, and Discreet Client Service

We don’t just show you the brochure and book orders but escort you carefully throughout the process to help you get your suitable place. 


Proven Records of Residential Success

Our expertise and experience have the rigid support of thousands of happy clients over the past two decades. 

Have a Look at Our

Luxury Beachfront Properties

Are you thrilled to get your own water-facing house? Check out the hot cake options now trending in the market!


Modern New built villa with sea views

Enjoy the luxurious villa with a lawn and porch facing an open sea. Get the best choices of interiors, sea-facing French windows, and home capacity.


Well kept classical style villa in first sea line with sea access

A marine scenery with a classical setup is one dreamy combination but will become more dramatic when the path leads straight into the beach!

Luxury Beachfront Condo With Amazing Sea Views

Wondering if you can maintain a villa? Don’t worry! We have the best condos for every family with easy-approach roads, all facing the sea!


Exceptional new construction designer villa

Our properties don’t refrain from modern decor trends as we have a fantastic collection of houses with excellent architecture and interiors.

For the last five years, I have enjoyed the life of a tourist every day! Thanks to Beach Realty for guiding me with the best sea view villa at the most affordable budget!
Benjamin Nicholls
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